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What is the legal age to purchase cannabis in Ontario? 

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In Ontario, the minimum required age to purchase cannabis products is 19 years. This is to ensure access to cannabis for minors is prohibited, and all cannabis is consumed maturely & responsibly.

Where are you located?

High River Cannabis has its one of a kind, locally owned and operated storefront in Port Hope's Historic Downtown. We are open at  24 John Street, Port Hope.

What are your in-store shopping hours?

We are open 7 days a week. Sunday we are open from 12pm until 6:30pm. Monday to Thursday we are open from 12pm until 7pm. Friday & Saturday we are open late from 12pm until 9pm, so that you never go without the products you love!

What is your return policy on cannabis products?

Every sale of cannabis products at High River Cannabis is final. Please speak to a manager at our location regarding concerns involving a cannabis product you purchased from our store. 

Can I return merchandise or accessories?

Returns for accessories and merchandise are subject to managers discretion. A product may be returned or exchanged if  the product is deemed defective or recalled by the manufacturer. Please speak to a manager at our location regarding concerns involving merchandise or accessories you purchased from our store.

Can I purchase or reserve cannabis online?

Yes, we are happy to receive orders through our secure Shop Online feature. This can be accessed at the top of this page and your products will be reserved until you visit us in-store to pick them up.

What if my transaction does not approve? 

The most common issue we come across when customers try to make a purchase but are declined is due to the billing address on their order not matching what their credit card provider has on file for them - this is a failed AVS check.

If you try to make a purchase but get declined, check the billing address on your order and make sure it matches the address your credit card provider has on file.


How do I pickup my online order?

Your online order can be set to be picked up right away or at a time most convenient for you during our regular operating hours. To pickup your order, just visit us in-store at 24 John Street, Port Hope. 

As a new recreational cannabis user, how do I know which products are best for me?

We always suggest starting low and going slow with any new cannabis product whether you're a new user or have a history of cannabis consumption. We hope visiting us or calling our shop to have a personalized experience will help lead you towards products that match your own unique preferences.

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